Lemon Mascarpone Cream Cake

Time flies when you are having fun and boy have I already gotten behind here! So to catch you up; I now am taking a cake decorating class at a local cake supply store. I am a little disappointed with the format, its seems to be more about making a certain cake each week than learning any real skills. The instructor is right in saying; you just have to practice on your own because doing it is the only way to get better. So with that advice, I decided to make a cake this weekend to take over to my aunts for a small party to meet my cousin’s new baby.

It’s a lemon mascarpone cake found on my favorite blog. It was a bit challenging not only for the cake being a “high ratio cake” but the frosting was a whip cream type rather than butter cream. I had some challenges just getting the frosting to look right but in the end I think I was pretty enough and boy this cake tasted good. It calls for you to make your own lemon curd, heck six months ago I didn’t even know what lemon curd was, but now that I have made my own, oh my gosh its heaven, I will never buy it again. This cake is a bit dense but still feels soft and silky in your mouth; the lemon curd and mascarpone frosting really lighten this up and make it a delicious cake with tremendous flavor.

I am just posing the link for the cake because I changed nothing at all and the other reason being the blog I got it from gives fabulous step by step instructions.


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