Whew, now that Thanksgiving is over…

make yourself a batch of these. I don’t know too many people who don’t find comfort and joy in a chocolate chip cookie. I realized for whatever reason this weekend that I have never made chocolate chip cookies with my daughter. She has helped me with lots of other things but never cookies. I can remember so many fun days of baking cookies with my mom, I knew I just had to share this with her. She was more than eager to go to work, helping me with all the measuring and operation of the mixer. She even refrained from licking her fingers, which is a big step for her. At 2 1/2, kids are very in the moment, sticky yum on your fingers, you lick it off. But I promised her the beater when we where all done is she could hold off on licking everything. I was pretty proud of her. She is going to be quite a baker in time, she loves all things baked and is even willing to do the dishes! ha ha.

As far as this recipe goes, it’s just one of a billion out there. Nothing particularly special about it, although it suggest resting the dough in the fridge for 24-36 hours, ha. That isn’t going to fly in my house. I cooked a sheet that day and another the next day, I will say the ‘ripened’ batch did have a more caremely flavor and browned a bit more when cooked as noted by other bloggers. So if you can wait I would say its worth it  but either way these are good. Although they were too cakey for my husband, he likes thinner chewy cookies,  these were right up my alley. So take five and enjoy these with a glass of milk.

I am just including the link, since I didn’t change anything about the cookie.


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