Birthday Luau Cake

I will admit this post is one from two summers ago that I started and never shared but the cake is too cute not to put on here, so I am shamelessly digging it up now. :)

My cousin’s baby boy turned two and to celebrate they threw a luau themed party. They live down south so when they come up here they throw a huge party with all the families.  It was a lot of fun, tons of activities, lots of kids, delicious food and well…it had a bar! That is my kind of kids party. :)  Little Benny, the birthday boy, is very into cake, in fact when asked what he would like for his birthday his immediate answer is “Cake”! He is so incredibly cute and had a lot of fun blowing out his candles and eating decorations off the cake.

This is by far the biggest cake I have ever made. It was simply a monster. For me, just handling the size of the cake to fill and frost was a big challenge and this is only a half sheet, I cannot imagine what a full sheet would be like, no thanks. I spent a week on the decorations and did a lot of internet searches for ideas. Its was a lot of fun to decorate and Benny had a lot of input on what he wanted; a boy, beach ball, kite and sand castle. So I did my best, I can say, making people out of gumpaste was harder than it looked but I enjoyed the challenge. I used a chocolate cake recipe from Miette Cookbook.




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