Cupcake Battle


Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes ~ BBQ Theme

Last week here at work they had a huge BBQ Rib competition and cupcake battle, people from all over the state came to compete. After some coaxing by my friends and coworkers I entered the cupcake competition clueless as to how I would make my cupcakes BBQ themed. They were even having someone from Sift Cupcakery as one of the judges, if you watch Cupcake Wars, you might remember them. I chose to do my Lemon Blueberry cupcakes because they are delicious and I figured no one else would make blueberry. I will say, we had a lot of fun decorating them, my coworkers and I sat in our office and played with fondant, creating tiny little BBQ items. We ended up coming in second out of twenty-nine which isn’t too bad considering I wasn’t having the best baking Karma the day I made them. The funnier thing is, the winner made smores cupcakes, which I had considered but thought wasn’t original enough! HA. I have to say thank you to my friends, we really had a great time decorating them.

*Please excuse the bad photos, I only had my phone with me.

Grill with Burgers

BBQ Kabobs

BBQ kabob

Fire pit with Marshmallows

Fire pit with Marshmallows

Burger and salad

Burger and salad


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