The countdown begins…

Chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel peanut filling and caramel frosting.


With the Holidays speeding towards us like a freight train, getting all the baked goods done in time to give out is a challenge. I tried my hardest to stay organized and spread out the work over a week but I still ran out of time to do everything I intended. I am happy with what I did get done and if time permits I may try to squeeze in another treat or two. I put together pictures of some of the items I have made, please excuse the terrible pictures, it was late and I was happy to just remember to take them.

Four days left to get all my wrapping done, the massive pile in the spare bedroom looks like Everest. Tonight we have to visit the local Santa at the mall and the mere thought makes me want to crawl under my desk and lay in the fetal position. My child is going through quite a phase of tantrums right now and I am sure like everything else, tonight should be a blast. I actually offered to sell her at the daycare this morning for $10 after she refused to get out of the car. Sigh…it’s never good when you wish you had a drink at 7am. Its days like this when I am actually happy I have to go to work! Drop her off, apologize to the teacher, whish her luck and get the hell out of there.

But it’s the Holidays and we always have sugar and booze to get through it.


salted peanut caramel filling


Undecorated cake pops


boxed up and ready

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